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Fw: ZSH history file VS. UTF-8 data

I got this.  I haven't investigated.  Replies will need to be copied

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 11:49:29 +0900
From: ıɥɔıɐʇ ɐʇɐqɐʍɐʞ <kawabata.taichi@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <pws@xxxxxxx>
Subject: ZSH history file VS. UTF-8 data

Dear sir,

I'm sorry to disturb you.

I've been a user of ZSH  for a long time and I really
appreciate for the developer of this great software.

Recently, I've got one trouble in ZSH history file, and as I tried to
solve it by
surveying Webs and Sources, with no help.  As of it, knowing that this
disturbs you,
I'm trying to ask for any help.

The trouble is as follows:

When I try to use UTF-8 file name in shell command, ZHS history file
seems to save
it with "meta code".

For example, executing
 $ ls \346\226\207\345\255\227  (octal expression of "ls 文字”)
results in histfile
 $ ls \346\203\266\203\247\2\345\255\203\267

That is, when 0x80-0x9F characters are used, then always 0x83 Meta
character is inserted and following character is bit shifted, resulting
garbage history.

Any way to avoid this situation?

Any help is really appreciated,


 川幡 太一 (KAWABATA, Taichi)   E-mail: kawabata.taichi@xxxxxxxxx

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