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Re: Fw: ZSH history file VS. UTF-8 data

> Dear sir,
> I'm sorry to disturb you.
> I've been a user of ZSH  for a long time and I really
> appreciate for the developer of this great software.
> Recently, I've got one trouble in ZSH history file, and as I tried to
> solve it by
> surveying Webs and Sources, with no help.  As of it, knowing that this
> disturbs you,
> I'm trying to ask for any help.
> The trouble is as follows:
> When I try to use UTF-8 file name in shell command, ZHS history file
> seems to save
> it with "meta code".
> For example, executing
>  $ ls \346\226\207\345\255\227  (octal expression of "ls 文字”)
> results in histfile
>  $ ls \346\203\266\203\247\2\345\255\203\267
> That is, when 0x80-0x9F characters are used, then always 0x83 Meta
> character is inserted and following character is bit shifted, resulting
> garbage history.
> Any way to avoid this situation?
> Any help is really appreciated,

This isn't a bug, the history file is saved in metafied format. If you
want to print it outside zsh you can use this simple program.

#define Meta ((char) 0x83)

#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

/* from zsh utils.c */
char *unmetafy(char *s, int *len)
  char *p, *t;

  for (p = s; *p && *p != Meta; p++);
  for (t = p; (*t = *p++);)
    if (*t++ == Meta)
      t[-1] = *p++ ^ 32;
  if (len)
    *len = t - s;
  return s;

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
  char *line = NULL;
  size_t size;

  while (getline(&line, &size, stdin) != -1) {
    unmetafy(line, NULL);
    printf("%s", line);

  if (line) free(line);
  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Mikael Magnusson

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