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Re: file transfer with zsh

On Mar 30,  2:09pm, Simon Mages wrote:
} I have to transfer archives from many Solaris 10 Machines to one of them. I
} can't use FTP, NFS or Netcat because they are not installed or blocked and
} SCP (SFTP) is to slow.

If SFTP is too slow, you're not likely to write a shell script that
outperforms it enough to make any useful difference.  Have you checked
whether rsync will work?  That'd be your most efficient option.

What is it you were hoping to do?  Set up your own service listening on
a port on one machine and connect to it from another?  That's done with
the tcp_point and tcp_shoot commands; run tcp_point on the destination
machine and then tcp_shoot on the source machine.  There's an example
of this in the documentation.  "sum" or "md5sum" the files on both
sides after transfer to make sure nothing was lost or corrupted.

However, if you can set up tcp_point on an open port on the target
machine, you ought to be able to set up an rsync daemon instead, and
that'll be much more reliable and probably a lot faster.

Failing that, I'd recommend instead that you create an account on one of
the cloud-based file-sharing services like dropbox.com or the recently-
announced Amazon cloud drive or even Amazon S3.  Push the archives there
and then pull them down to the target.  Yes, this theoretically takes
twice as long as direct transfer but should be reliable and possibly
automatic (hmm, I don't know if e.g. dropbox has a Solaris client).

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