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Re: file transfer with zsh

2011/3/30 Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On Mar 30,  2:09pm, Simon Mages wrote:
> }
> } I have to transfer archives from many Solaris 10 Machines to one of them.
> I
> } can't use FTP, NFS or Netcat because they are not installed or blocked
> and
> } SCP (SFTP) is to slow.
> If SFTP is too slow, you're not likely to write a shell script that
> outperforms it enough to make any useful difference.  Have you checked
> whether rsync will work?  That'd be your most efficient option.
> What is it you were hoping to do?  Set up your own service listening on
> a port on one machine and connect to it from another?  That's done with
> the tcp_point and tcp_shoot commands; run tcp_point on the destination
> machine and then tcp_shoot on the source machine.  There's an example
> of this in the documentation.  "sum" or "md5sum" the files on both
> sides after transfer to make sure nothing was lost or corrupted.
> However, if you can set up tcp_point on an open port on the target
> machine, you ought to be able to set up an rsync daemon instead, and
> that'll be much more reliable and probably a lot faster.
> Failing that, I'd recommend instead that you create an account on one of
> the cloud-based file-sharing services like dropbox.com or the recently-
> announced Amazon cloud drive or even Amazon S3.  Push the archives there
> and then pull them down to the target.  Yes, this theoretically takes
> twice as long as direct transfer but should be reliable and possibly
> automatic (hmm, I don't know if e.g. dropbox has a Solaris client).

Oh thanks, i over read tcp_point and tcp_shoot, it is working for me.

The Reason why i try to use the ZSH is that im not allowed to change the
setup of the Machines or activate a Daemon or something.

But zsh is installed and full usable. And this cloud thing is not
practicable because this Machines haven't a Internet Connection.

BR Simon

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