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minor annoyance with zsh and git flow

I'm using zsh, on a rails project using cucumber and git flow.

git flow adds a subcommand to git.

The git flow subcommand has lower level subcommands itself, one of which is
called feature, and cucumber conventionally uses a directory in the project
root called features

I've got git completion and git flow completion installed
https://github.com/bobthecow/git-flow-completion which is probably

When I type in a git flow command with or without using completions


->git flow feature checkout make_it_niftier

and hit enter, zsh helpfully? asks

zsh: correct 'feature' to 'features'

I can't figure out how to stop zsh from doing this.  I see the FAQ about
turning off correction for a single command, but that doesn't seem directly
relevant, I don't want to turn off correction for the git command in


*Rick DeNatale*
*Twitter:* @RickDeNatale

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