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command completion

I asked a question several years ago about command/function/etc.
completion, but never had an answer. I'd like command completion
to be preferred over directory completion.

For instance, if I create an executable file blah-cmd and a directory
blah-dir in the current directory ("." being in the $PATH), and do:

% rehash
% zstyle ':completion:*:complete:-command-:*' tag-order 'commands'
% bl[TAB]

then I can see that various commands are proposed, but not blah-cmd.

^Xh (_complete_help) at this point outputs:

tags in context :completion::complete:-command-::
    commands executables builtins functions aliases suffix-aliases reserved-words jobs parameters  (_alternative _command_names _autocd (eval)) 
    commands                                                                                       (_path_commands _alternative _command_names _autocd (eval)) 
    jobs                                                                                           (_jobs _alternative _command_names _autocd (eval)) 
    parameters                                                                                     (_parameters _alternative _command_names _autocd (eval))

Unfortunately not all the tags are described in the zshcompsys
man page, and the description is quite short, so that I don't
understand why blah-cmd hasn't been proposed.

Then I've tried:

% zstyle ':completion:*:complete:-command-:*' tag-order 'executables'

but then both blah-cmd and blah-dir/ are proposed.

Now, if I move blah-cmd somewhere else in $PATH, and use

% zstyle ':completion:*:complete:-command-:*' tag-order 'commands'
% blah[TAB]

then only blah-cmd is proposed, as expected. However if I do:

% mkdir ~/blah-hdir
% cdpath=(. ~)
% setopt AUTO_CD
% blah[TAB]

then both blah-cmd and blah-hdir/ are proposed. I don't see why
blah-hdir/ should be regarded as a command.

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