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Re: Completion lists

Bart Schaefer <schaefer <at> brasslantern.com> writes:

> zstyle -e ':completion:*:default' list-colors \
>     'reply=("=(#b)${words[CURRENT]:t}(*)=0=7")'
> The -e option evaluates the style so you can use $words[CURRENT] to put
> the string from the line into the style.  The highlight is controlled
> by the =0=3 part, where =0 means no highlight on the parts that are
> not matched by a pattern in parens and the =7 means use reverse video
> on the part matched by the first sub-pattern in parens (here "(*)").
> See the doc for the complist module ZLS_COLORS variable.

Your code seem to fail badly with directories.
For instance, completing anything with "./" will incorrectly skip the first two
characters of the files themselves.

> If you've got matcher-list styles that do fancy completion in the middle
> of words, $words[CURRENT] is going to be inadequate to the task (and it
> is likely that nothing you can expand at the time the list-colors style
> is evaluated would be sufficient).  You might specify case-insensitive
> globbing on to help with mixed-case matcher-lists:
> zstyle -e ':completion:*:default' list-colors \
>     'reply=("=(#bi)${words[CURRENT]:t}(*)=0=7")'

While I was waiting I kept trying and came up with this:

zstyle -e ':completion:*' list-colors "reply=(\"$c\")"

The first part of the reply matches the first character after the prefix.
The second matches the first character in a list (when completing directories). 
Seems to work fine for both files and parameters.

Doesn't work for anything beyond prefix matching:

$ ls ///list<TAB> (ambiguous)

will simply put the cursor after the first / and highlight the third characters 
of the list (and I don't understand why).

I'm wondering what variables could in the reply. I found $PREFIX in other 
examples, and now also $words[CURRENT]. Is there a list for these? Maybe I 
could make it work if I had SUFFIX/somethingelse.

> If someone builds up a useful set of these based on this example, please
> post back to the list.

I would also be glad.

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