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How to turn off Mac OS X Network share completion?

Hi there,

I've just switched to zsh from bash so apologies if this is a total newbie question. I've searched the list and done quite a bit of Googling but couldn't find a solution.

I'm often on a VPN for my company, and when I'm on the VPN a number of servers appear in Mac OS X's "/Network/Servers" path. The problem is that zsh tries to complete across these directories, so when I type, for instance, "cd adam<TAB>", the shell freezes up for about a minute while it searches across the network, and then I get a menu of usernames like so:

adam0        adam1     adam2     adam3        adam4       adam5   

(Actual names redacted.)

Then if I run "cd adam0" I'm taken to something like "/Network/Servers/example.com/Volumes/misc/adam0".

This seems to be the default behavior if I have these lines in my .zshrc:

autoload -U compinit

Is there a flag to turn off this type of completion across network shares?

Thanks in advance for any pointers,


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