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Re: How to turn off Mac OS X Network share completion?

On Oct 18, 12:31am, Gabriel Gilder wrote:
} I'm often on a VPN for my company, and when I'm on the VPN a number
} of servers appear in Mac OS X's "/Network/Servers" path. The problem
} is that zsh tries to complete across these directories

What's the value of $PWD at the time you try this?  If you're not
already cd'd into /Network/Servers, "cd" shouldn't be completing
those servers ... so the next thing to check is whether some
helpful sysadmin has added /Network/Servers to everyone's $cdpath
(or did you perhaps add that yourself?).

Otherwise I don't know why "cd" would be looking anywhere outside your
current directory for completions.

} Then if I run "cd adam0" I'm taken to something like
} "/Network/Servers/example.com/Volumes/misc/adam0".

Yeah, it sure appears that someone has futzed with $cdpath for whatever

} Is there a flag to turn off this type of completion across network shares?

Not precisely, because zsh normally generates the possible matching
files and then prunes that set down to those that are desired, so
even using the ignored-patterns file won't keep zsh from searching
for the names in order to ignore them.

There might be something that can be done with the "fake" style but
usually it's for the opposite case, forcing a network share to seem
to be available when it isn't yet.

You need to find out why those paths are being considered in the first

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