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Re: Having a tough time setting up completion.

On Dec 16, 12:17am, Larry Schrof wrote:
} When we try adding a hyphenated string into the mix, things break:
} $ foo -<TAB>        # completes incorrectly to
} $ foo add-property  # This should have offered -x and --longword as
} completions
} Any suggestions?

I think you must have subtly misplaced a quote mark, or have an unexpected
value in matcher-list, or some other zstyle we don't know about.

Here's what I get starting from "zsh -f" plus "compinit -D" plus Mikael's
compdef with add-property/delete/create appended to the array:

torch% foo <TAB>
add-property  create        fifty         one           three
and           delete        forth         so            two
torch% foo --<TAB>
torch% foo --longword
torch% foo -<TAB>
--longword  -x  -- something

I even tried "setopt completeinword" without the above changing.  BUT:
If I both use my full configuration AND place the cursor BEFORE the

schaefer<504> foo <TAB>-
schaefer<504> foo add-property

There, matcher-list has kicked in and completed things where the part
before the hyphen is not empty.  Are you sure that's not what is
happening to you?

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