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Re: autoload syntax

On 05/01/12 12:13 PM, Peter Stephenson wrote:

Hi Peter:
On Wed, 04 Jan 2012 09:35:07 -0800
Ray Andrews<rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I'm just working on my first C project in linux, it's a function for
moving the mouse pointer to various memorized positions via keystrokes.
Three questions:

Can I  link this program with zsh the same way I do with a zsh function
so that it becomes part of the shell?
You can add it as a module but I'm not sure it's going to help.

So I can link a C module the same as a shell function? Where
can I find out more about this?
I suspect, in fact, you could probably write this as shell function.
Various similar but not identical things have been done with terminals

I'm not surprised. I can't be the first guy who is bothered by
having to use the mouse to move between xterms.
As it is now, the various memorized positions for the mouse pointer are
stored in a file. Can I store them in a persistent array? As a
stand-alone utility I can see that this might be difficult, which is why
I'm hoping that  if the function becomes  part of the shell, an array
could be persistent.
No, you still need to save it to a file.

... or I guess the environment should work.
How would I make it work in the gui as well as in a terminal? I want to
bind keys that will function regardless of which application is running.
I suspect that this would be done in metacity (Gnome).
Certainly the shell can't help you here.  You'll need to investigate
what types of bindings are available in Gnome.  KDE has global bindings,
I seem to remember.  I don't use Gnome but I think metacity may be
officially on the way out...

I've got it working quite well using metacity bindings, I can hotkey
between applications or xterms on either of my monitors, so I'm
happy enough.

Hey Peter, you never answered my email asking for more information
about zsh. I think I want to get involved.


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