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Re: 2 questions of completion

On Mar 4,  3:48pm, Ranousse wrote:
} \gr tab (for completion) deletes the \ at the beginning of the line.
} Is there an option or something to avoid this.

No, there really isn't.  In order to do its work, completion reduces
the input word to its minimally escaped form; it doesn't know about
escapes that have been added for special effects beyond normal shell
syntax rules.

If you use quotes instead of a backslash, completion keeps those and
even adds the matching end quote for you.

You might be able to write a little wrapper function that looks for
(( CURRENT == 1 )) && [[ $WORDS[CURRENT] == \\* ]] and if so removes
the backslash, does completion, and then puts the backslash back.

} bindkey -M menuselect '^M' .accept-line
} However I have a similar problem with backspace, and can't find
} solution. What can I do to make backspace works (I mean not pressing
} this key twice) ?

You aren't supposed to need anything special for backward-delete-char;
it's handled internally to menuselection.  In this case, however, the
first press of backward-delete-char is deleting the auto-appended space
following the completed word, which is why you seem to have to press
it twice.  You can see this better if you menu-select a directory, and
note that pressing backspace kills the trailing slash.

Assuming that you have both delete (^?) and backspace (^H) bound to
backward-delete-char, a quick workaround for you may be:

    bindkey -M menuselect -s '^H' '^?^?'

which just says that when a backspace is seen, send two deletes.  It
may be necessary to invert that if your keyboard sends ^? instead
of ^H when the key labeled backspace is pressed:

    bindkey -M menuselect -s '^?' '^H^H'

However, DO NOT use BOTH of those bindings -- only one or the other.
Using both will result in recursion as each expands the other.

On the other hand you'll find that for completions that do not auto-
append a space, this is deleting more than you want.  You'll just have
to try it out and see which behavior you find less bothersome.

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