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Re: 2 questions of completion

> If you use quotes instead of a backslash, completion keeps those and
> even adds the matching end quote for you.

Nice to know, I will use this solution.

> You aren't supposed to need anything special for backward-delete-char;
> it's handled internally to menuselection.  In this case, however, the
> first press of backward-delete-char is deleting the auto-appended space
> following the completed word, which is why you seem to have to press
> it twice.  You can see this better if you menu-select a directory, and
> note that pressing backspace kills the trailing slash.
> Assuming that you have both delete (^?) and backspace (^H) bound to
> backward-delete-char, a quick workaround for you may be:
>     bindkey -M menuselect -s '^H' '^?^?'
> which just says that when a backspace is seen, send two deletes.  It
> may be necessary to invert that if your keyboard sends ^? instead
> of ^H when the key labeled backspace is pressed:
>     bindkey -M menuselect -s '^?' '^H^H'
> However, DO NOT use BOTH of those bindings -- only one or the other.
> Using both will result in recursion as each expands the other.
> On the other hand you'll find that for completions that do not auto-
> append a space, this is deleting more than you want.  You'll just have
> to try it out and see which behavior you find less bothersome.

Ok, thank you for the answer. So if I understand right, with the default
behaviour, the first backspace removes the trailing slash in case of
directories, and does nothing if there's no trailing slash. So in
the later case that's why I have to press return twice.

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