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Re: Examples of ZSH functions, aliases, etc.?


2012/9/27 Gabor Maghera <gmaghera@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Zsh-lovers is something right along those lines.
> http://grml.org/zsh/zsh-lovers.html


Now, the zsh man (man zshall) is certainly the most complete and the
most accurate documentation to learn zsh (after the source), because
tips often only scratch the surface of things.

Also, because learning many things at once is hard and because people
always find amazingly smart ways to get more of their tools, I'd
recommend to:
 - subscribe to one of the rss feeds of http://www.commandlinefu.com/,
for example “commands with 10 up-votes” — this is not only about zsh,
but there are many cool tricks there ;
 - read the zsh configuration of your coworkers, people on this
mailing list… (mine is there :
https://github.com/Arkanosis/Arkonf/tree/master/zsh) ;
 - keep reading this mailing list: it's rather low volume, with often
interesting questions asked and answered by smart people, some of them
with very deep knowledge of zsh and shells in general — but I see
you're reading it for way longer than I do :)

Best regards,


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