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Re: Gentoo startup bug

On 24/10/12 17:08, ☈king wrote:
On 10/24/2012 10:00 AM, Damien Thébault wrote:
I guess you could talk to the current maintainers of this package:
Yes, sent them a ping.

But the solution doesn't seem simple, the bug have 35 comments. I
think that a proposal should summarize the issues and explain the

That seems like a simple, correct solution,
Mind if I ask how you come to that conclusion?
  and it has worked fine for
me every time I've upgraded zsh on Gentoo since I've known about it.
That's not really an appropriate way to find a correct solution. "It works" might be very far away from "It is correct".
The part I'm 100% sure about is that they're resetting $path after the
user's ~/.zshenv has run. That's wrong.
I didn't look at Gentoo's zprofile in a few years, but even if (for whatever reason), they would reset $path after ~/.zshenv has run I highly doubt that your solution is desirable (Actually, it might be desirable to reset $path, because it affects `zsh -f`, but I didn't invest a lot of thought into that one.). Most likely, you misunderstood or misinterpreted what zshenv is for. There have been discussions about that topic zshenv vs. zshrc vs. zprofile on the zsh lists, you might want to search the archives for that (also look at zsh's manpage). Or mind if I ask why you set your user changes of $path in ~/.zshenv rather than ~/.zshrc (where it should be set, since you want it in interactive shells). Actually, if you move the global zprofile to zshenv, it is very likely, that zsh's tests fail, but then, tests are not run on gentoo by default, so most likely you wouldn't notice that.

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