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Re: Gentoo startup bug

On 25 October 2012 18:00, Bernd Steinhauser <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I didn't look at Gentoo's zprofile in a few years, but even if (for whatever
> reason), they would reset $path after ~/.zshenv has run I highly doubt that
> your solution is desirable (Actually, it might be desirable to reset $path,
> because it affects `zsh -f`, but I didn't invest a lot of thought into that
> one.).
> Most likely, you misunderstood or misinterpreted what zshenv is for. There
> have been discussions about that topic zshenv vs. zshrc vs. zprofile on the
> zsh lists, you might want to search the archives for that (also look at
> zsh's manpage).
> Or mind if I ask why you set your user changes of $path in ~/.zshenv rather
> than ~/.zshrc (where it should be set, since you want it in interactive
> shells).

Without going into the details, there are perfectly good reasons for
putting your path in .zshenv, such as having the same path in all
instances of the shell.

The main point is there's really no good argument for a distribution to trash
a user's path.  You simply can't guess how the many users of many different
types are going to use the shell. I agree this bit is definitely
wrong. It's a very
different argument from, say, a specific site where you expect users to
conform to a certain way of doing things.


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