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completer that first expands global aliases (Re: dsf)

Sorry for the random subject there, didn't mean to scary anybody away :)

On 2013-01-07, Daniel <quite@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have a nice little recent-files completer, see below.
> (found here: http://michael.stapelberg.de/Artikel/zsh_recent_completion )
> What I would like to add to this, is for it to expand global aliases inline,
> before trying to complete (and thus ending up completing files in my aliased
> directory).
> I started trying to meld _generic and _expand_alias, but with my lack of
> fluency in zsh, I just made a mess :) Any help out there? Is there perhaps some
> generic way for having this done for all completion? A zstyle for
> _main_complete?
> # 'ctrl-x r' will complete the 12 last modified (mtime) files/directories
> zle -C newest-files complete-word _generic
> bindkey '^Xr' newest-files
> zstyle ':completion:newest-files:*' completer _files
> zstyle ':completion:newest-files:*' file-patterns '*~.*(omN[1,12])'
> zstyle ':completion:newest-files:*' menu select yes
> zstyle ':completion:newest-files:*' sort false
> zstyle ':completion:newest-files:*' matcher-list 'b:=*' # important

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author