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Please implement auto-handling of ${HOME}/.zsh/

I have been dying for this for many years.  I have a ton of zsh configs,
so I like to organize them in ~/.zsh/ , but here's the problem.

First, I have to create a symlink ~/.zshenv and point it to ~/.zsh/.zshenv
Then, as the first thing to do in ~/.zsh/.zshenv, I have to do:
   export ZDOTDIR=${HOME}/.zsh

This is janky and is messier than it needs to be.

It would be awesome if something like the following happened. Forgive me
if the implementation is flawed; just note the spirit of my suggestion.

- Before zsh begins to process the first user-based config file
  (I believe ~/.zshenv), look for the existence of ~/.zsh/ (a directory).
- If this directory does not exist, proceed normally. (Start reading
- If this directory DOES exist:
---> Automatically set ZDOTDIR to ${HOME}/.zsh/
---> Ignore any ~/.zsh* files (If the user is using ~/.zsh/ it's their job
     understand that ~/.zsh* files won't be read.)
--> Begin reading ${HOME}/.zsh/.zshenv

What's the likelihood this would be implemented in the near future?

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author