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Re: Please implement auto-handling of ${HOME}/.zsh/

On Mar 20,  7:16pm, Larry Schrof wrote:
} First, I have to create a symlink ~/.zshenv and point it to ~/.zsh/.zshenv
} Then, as the first thing to do in ~/.zsh/.zshenv, I have to do:
}    export ZDOTDIR=${HOME}/.zsh

Why not create a ~/.zshenv that does

    export ZDOTDIR=${HOME}/.zsh
    source $ZDOTDIR/.zshenv

and forget about the symlinks?  Then you can even do the rest of the stuff
you're suggesting:

    if [[ -d ~/.zsh ]]; then
      export ZDOTDIR=${HOME}/.zsh
      source $ZDOTDIR/.zshenv

} What's the likelihood this would be implemented in the near future?

As C code, small to none.

Like TJ, I have a common set of config files stored on the web.  (Not
in Dropbox, in a source repository from which I check out to ~/.zsh,
but it's the same idea.)  One of the files in that repository is a
script called ".installer" which writes something much like the above
into ~/.zshenv (with a warning if that would clobber an existing file,
etc.).  I haven't yet needed to, but I've considered having .installer
also write bash init files that exec zsh if zsh is not in /etc/shells.

So on any new host, I just check out the .zsh directory, run .installer,
resolve a conflict if it reports one, and I'm done.

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