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Re: Update size of term

Michel wrote:
> I have a little problems with using of zsh with ssh.
> I'm connect to a ssh server, when I connect to the login shell is bash.
> I run zsh (with the command zsh or with "exec zsh"), but when I resize my
> terminal zsh don't update the size. In bash (before running of zsh), the
> size is correctly updated.
> Do you have any track to resolve my problem?

Which version of zsh are you using? If it is a git-snapshot that is a
few weeks old, there might have been a bug that you are now seeing.

If you are using a git-snapshot, you can examine the value of
$ZSH_PATCHLEVEL. It has the following format:


"<nearest-tag>" should be a release tag, such as "zsh-5.0.2" and
"<number-of-commits-since-that-tag>" should be an integer.

The 85th commit since the 5.0.2 release should fix the bug I'm thinking
of. It has a sha1-sum of "2405b0a", thus $ZSH_PATCHLEVEL should look at
least like this:


Any integer larger than 85 should be okay, too. Any commit before
zsh-5.0.2 should be okay, as well.

Regards, Frank

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