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Re: Update size of term

2013/5/16 Frank Terbeck <ft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Michel wrote:
> > I have a little problems with using of zsh with ssh.
> > I'm connect to a ssh server, when I connect to the login shell is bash.
> > I run zsh (with the command zsh or with "exec zsh"), but when I resize my
> > terminal zsh don't update the size. In bash (before running of zsh), the
> > size is correctly updated.
> >
> > Do you have any track to resolve my problem?
> Which version of zsh are you using? If it is a git-snapshot that is a
> few weeks old, there might have been a bug that you are now seeing.

I use very old version on this server: 4.3.6.
It's a RedHat 6 and zsh of repository.

I try with the las version, find in this url :

But the problem is always here.

I try to compile the last zsh from source but I don't find yold in
repository (and don't
find an option to no compile the documentation in ./configure).

Do you know can I compile it?

> Regards, Frank


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