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Re: custom script Bash completion

On Nov 10, 11:14am, Thomas Ballinger wrote:
> I'd like to use bash completion in zsh for a script with
> complete -C 'tu --get-bash-completion' tu
> 'tu --get-bash-completion' is invoked by zsh completion, but the three
> arguments bash would pass to it aren't being passed.

I'm not absolutely sure if the following explains that, because none of
the bash man pages I can find describe what those three arguments are,
but:  The zsh bash completions are compatible with bash 2.05b and it is
possible that those three arguments were not passed by that version.

Volunteers to update Completion/bashcompinit?

> Is there another config option I need to know about, or is this behavior
> not implemented?

Based on a quick peek at "compgen" in bashcompinit and a couple of stabs
with "complete -C /bin/echo foo" in bash itself, Thomas is expecting the
external command defined with "complete -C" to receive the same three
arguments that are passed to a shell function with "complete -F".

So the workaround for this particular anomaly is to do

    tu_completer() {
      echo $(tu --get-bash-completion "$@")
    complete -F tu_completer tu

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