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Re: custom script Bash completion

Thanks very much Bart,

I'm now using

        IFS=$'\n' # in loop below, iterate over lines, not words
        for name in $(tu --get-bash-completion "$@"); do
            echo $name

because some of the suggestions contained spaces, and functionality is
improved. However, completion suggestions are still filtered though by
"values that the user has typed the first letters of," preventing the fuzzy
completion I'd written from taking effect:

    tu comment jorge<tab>

should result in

    tu comment George Washington


    tu comment jorge
    George Washington      Fred Jorrge       Elizabeth George

if there are multiple options, but they don't - no suggestions show up.
(apparently because none of the suggestions returned by my completion
script/function start with "jorge")

    tu comment Geo<tab>

works fine. I imagine I need to turn off some zsh completion feature for
this completion?


On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 1:24 PM, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> On Nov 10, 11:14am, Thomas Ballinger wrote:
> >
> > I'd like to use bash completion in zsh for a script with
> >
> > complete -C 'tu --get-bash-completion' tu
> >
> > 'tu --get-bash-completion' is invoked by zsh completion, but the three
> > arguments bash would pass to it aren't being passed.
> I'm not absolutely sure if the following explains that, because none of
> the bash man pages I can find describe what those three arguments are,
> but:  The zsh bash completions are compatible with bash 2.05b and it is
> possible that those three arguments were not passed by that version.
> Volunteers to update Completion/bashcompinit?
> > Is there another config option I need to know about, or is this behavior
> > not implemented?
> Based on a quick peek at "compgen" in bashcompinit and a couple of stabs
> with "complete -C /bin/echo foo" in bash itself, Thomas is expecting the
> external command defined with "complete -C" to receive the same three
> arguments that are passed to a shell function with "complete -F".
> So the workaround for this particular anomaly is to do
>     tu_completer() {
>       echo $(tu --get-bash-completion "$@")
>     }
>     complete -F tu_completer tu

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