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Re: 5.0.3 available


TL;DR: Builds fine on Debian, package uploaded to Debian Unstable.

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 08:15:43PM +0000, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Version 5.0.3 of zsh is available, initially at the main distribution
> site:
> http://www.zsh.org/pub/zsh-5.0.3.tar.gz
> http://www.zsh.org/pub/zsh-5.0.3.tar.bz2
> http://www.zsh.org/pub/zsh-5.0.3-doc.tar.gz
> http://www.zsh.org/pub/zsh-5.0.3-doc.tar.bz2
> (If Geoff's watching, I think the FTP site is behind the HTTP site.)
> Please give at a go before I send it to Sourceforge and post a message
> on the announcement list as well.

Built more or less fine on Debian Unstable:


Only two (known) issues so far:

* The hurd build stalled somewhere in the test suite again, but this
  time somewhere else than last time. I'll poke the hurd guys once
  again as this starts to look non-deterministic to me. Unfortunately
  there's no possibility to ignore a hanging testsuite except by not
  running it at all.

../../Test/V07pcre.ztst: starting.
Testing PCRE multibyte with locale C.UTF-8
../../Test/V07pcre.ztst: all tests successful.
../../Test/V08zpty.ztst: starting.
Binary files /tmp/zsh.ztst.out.24859 and /tmp/zsh.ztst.tout.24859 differ
Test ../../Test/V08zpty.ztst failed: output differs from expected as shown above for:
  zpty cat cat
  print a line of text | zpty -w cat
  zpty -r cat var && print -r -- ${var%%$'\r\n'}
  zpty -d cat
Was testing: zpty with a process that does not set up the terminal: write via stdin
../../Test/V08zpty.ztst: test failed.
../../Test/X02zlevi.ztst: starting.
make[2]: *** [check] Terminated
make[1]: *** [test] Terminated
make: *** [build-arch] Terminated
Build killed with signal TERM after 180 minutes of inactivity

Full log at https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=zsh&arch=hurd-i386&ver=5.0.3-1&stamp=1387092681

* The test suite for the static build failed in one test (e.g. on
  amd64) as previously, but we currently ignore those test suite

../../Test/C02cond.ztst: starting.
Test ../../Test/C02cond.ztst failed: bad status 1, expected 0 from:
  if (( EUID == 0 )); then
    print -u$ZTST_fd 'Warning: Not testing [[ ! -r file ]] (root reads anything)'
    [[ -r zerolength && -r unmodish ]]
  elif [[ $OSTYPE = cygwin ]]; then
    print -u$ZTST_fd 'Warning: Not testing [[ ! -r file ]]
   (all files created by user may be readable)'
   [[ -r zerolength ]]
    [[ -r zerolength && ! -r unmodish ]]
Was testing: -r cond
../../Test/C02cond.ztst: test failed.
34 successful test scripts, 1 failure, 7 skipped

Full log at https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=zsh&arch=amd64&ver=5.0.3-1&stamp=1387081927

		Kind regards, Axel
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