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Re: completion fails if dir referenced via variable.

On Feb 25, 10:25am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} It seems intuitive that one should be able to have more than one 
} expansion and/or completion per line, not just one, does it not? Why the 
} artificial limitation?

It's not a limitation, it's that way so that two tabs in a row enters
menu completion on the same set of answers.  You have to do something
(anything, really) in between the two presses of tab to say "yeah, I
am done with the first completion, let's start a new one using what's
on the line now".

} As a nasty work around, I can hit TAB once, which 
} expands the variable, store the line to history, recall the line from 
} history, and hit TAB again which completes the filename

You could also type one more character of the filename, type space and
then backspace, etc. -- anything so that you aren't invoking the same
completion widget twice consecutively, which has its own special meaning.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author