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Re: setopt interactivecomments

On Apr 17,  7:37am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Subject: Re: setopt interactivecomments
} On 04/16/2014 10:37 AM, shawn wilson wrote:
} >
} > It's disabled because it always has been, and therefore enabling it
} > might break longstanding usage.
} > ...
} My adoption of Linux was set back about ten years by this sort of 
} thinking.

Well, *my* adoption of Linux is continually frustrated by exactly the
opposite thinking, to wit, that every new release of something has to
be based on the bloodiest edge and can disregard whatever came before.
Oh, look, a new version of jellymaker is out -- but the API is entirely
different, so I'll have to try to find new versions of everything that
uses it, and it requires the latest libsnozzberry which also has a new
API, so I'll also have to try to replace everything else that depends
on *that*, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks, but no.

} It was longstanding usage that we write with goose quill on parchment.  
} Let's forget about longstanding usage, break with all tradition, and 
} have zsh, as she comes out of the box, show folks what she can do.  

We [*] did try that back in around, oh, 1996 IIRC.  It was a mess.  It
turns out that if turn on ALL the cool features by default, the result
is even more confusing than having your backspace key not work.

What did eventually happen after the mess was cleaned up is that the
zsh-newuser-install system got created.  It could use an update, but
is intended to walk you through enabling the stuff that you're most
likely to want.

[*] I use the term "we" loosely because I personally quit working on zsh
for a couple of years until sanity had been restored.

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