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Re: zsh-newuser-install

On 04/23/2014 08:50 AM, Peter Stephenson wrote:
There's certainly plenty that could be added here --- enough that
nothing's likely  to happen unless we get some solid feedback...
Glad to see that there's openness to change with this. I think most shell users are veterans, so have long since gotten past the agonies of being a newbie. Mind, that's true with most of the CLI stuff--most of it is hoary with age and horribly unfriendly. That's all the more reason to re-think stuff tho. A more welcoming command line would help pull folks away from the GUI/slave mentality and turn them into 'real' Linux users. Anyway, other folks may have had an easier time of it, but, as I said, my own first experiences with bash/zsh were sadistic. What would have made a huge difference is knowing what were/are the 'correct' sources of information--the 'official' manual,
the official web site, recommended reading, etc.

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