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Re: zsh-newuser-install

On 04/24/2014 04:34 PM, Ray Andrews wrote:
>> If nobody used oh-my-zsh, the world would be a better place. Or at
>> least #zsh would be.
>> I had to smile at this :)
>> But, sadly, many of the people that I know use it.
> Indeed? What's wrong with it? When I was looking for reliable 
> help/information about zsh
> I remember seeing it, tho all I remember is that it seemed very advanced 
> and complicated,
> but what is 'sad' about people using it?  Too bad there isn't some sort 
> of overview of all zsh
> resources, so that one knows where to look for information, and what to 
> expect here and there.

The problem is that it is, indeed, quite complicated. It's not exactly
what I would recommend to somebody that is starting from zero with zsh.

Debugging slow completion or any issue you have with it will immediately
be too hard for somebody who never tweaked zsh before, because there's
no single "item" you can search for in the manual page.

For instance, I severely dislike when completion tries to outsmart me,
or behaves in non-predictive ways. I care much more that completion
takes 0 time (as in: no perceptible time) to complete. You'll need some
RTFM to tweak the completer in the way you want, but tweaking oh-my-zsh
will just be harder.

I see no difference between bash/zsh if I really wanted to use just some
pre-packaged config. You can roughly get the same behavior anyway.

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