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Re: zsh-newuser-install

Peter Stephenson <p.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This will need a volunteer to take control (they can
> have git access or I'm happy to commit changes myself).

In the moment I do not have time and sufficiently secure future
to volunteer.

A while ago, I had reorganized parts of my personal setup files
so that they might serve also others (the original intention was
some replacement for oh-my-zsh), but I did not finish this,
and in its current form this is far from being appropriate
for being shipped with zsh:
It is currently mainly useful only if combined with other projects
and also does not distinguish between personal preferences
(e.g. fixed choice of colors, preferring 256 colors etc)
and enabling global features.

However, if somebody volunteers and wants to check out what
*potentially* might be of interest for enabling, feel free
to pick any code you want from

BTW: "emulate -L bash" would be useful to read some distribution's
or user's bash setup files. Main difference to emulate -L sh would be
  setopt ksh_glob no_sh_glob brace_expand
and that [[ $var ]] is treated equivalent to [[ -n $var ]]:
I experienced that the latter is the main issue with bash compatibility
(besides shopt and PS1, of course, which are not reasonable to emulate).

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