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Re: zsh-newuser-install

On 04/25/2014 05:43 PM, Martin Vaeth wrote:
> But it has a major advantage which is why people use it:
> It enables a lot of features which are off in zsh by default
> and which many people are not aware of.
> No, newusers does not solve this problem, because most
> users simply ignore this, and most users will never read the
> full manpage unless they have a particular problem.

Yes, you make a good point here.

> Some examples not mentioned yet by others:
<list snipped>

You gave a quite nice list of features here, and with very concise
configuration settings that do not depend on each other.

I would actually *love* to have a zshcheatsheet manual page with this
sort of thing.

Small, concise examples of single features that you might want or you
are completely unaware of (which happens very often).

I remember finding several of these lists online.

A list like this would be incredibly useful not only to newcomers, but
to existing users also.

This would be, in my mind, incredibly more useful than the newusers

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