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Re: killed zsh completion (cygwin)

On Sep 15,  8:57am, zzapper wrote:
} I installed a new user on Win8.1 and wanted to run Cygwin/zsh.
} however when I started zsh the entire autoloads listed to the console 

"The entire autoloads" doesn't seem to match what's described in the
superuser.com thread you linked.  Is the description in the thread
accurate or are you seeing something else?  Do you get prompted for
anything during shell startup?

} If I delete .zcompdump the listing of the autoloads stops

Does it start happening again after .zcompdump is re-created, or does
removing it fix this part for good?  Or is .zcompdump NOT re-created?

Does completion work after removing .zcompdump?  (I'm guessing not.)

} ls *yy*<tab> does work but lists all matches

That's because you're invoking expansion in that case, not completion.

} zsh 5.0.2 (x86_64-unknown-cygwin)
} I would guess it's something to do with file ownership as completion is 
} still working for the original user

The "compaudit" function called from compinit will refuse to load from
$fpath if the directories are owned and writable by another user who
is not recognized as a system administrator.  I don't know precisely
how that ends up getting interpreted under cygwin.

You can run compaudit by hand to see if that's involved in the problem:

zsh -f
% source $^fpath/compaudit(N[1])

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