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Re: no tab completion with equo

(sorry, previous try was sent to you personally, but not to the list)
(it's strange, that client hassuch reaction on your letters to the list).
(anyway, resentit to the list)

> When I completely cut out the tr part from the pipe, the error is the same.
> Do you mean this or something else?

No. I not mean you should remove tr. I mean, you should start to dig here (and 
replace that command with properone to get equo command list.
For example,
> equo --bashcomp

Although, it'll be best to minimize equo calls on completion generation (since 
it is both slower and dangerous (nobody guarantee, that Fabio will not change 
syntax again tomorrow ;)

Although, I guess, it is pretty ok to use
> --bashcomp
for first level completion.

Also, as far as I looked in the equo and Entropy  code, --bashcomp should not 
have it's current behaviour of returning first-level arguments all the time, 
but should return proper arguments for each level. Unfortunately, it is 
broken, and probably, you (and me, lol) should poke Fabio (lxnay) about that 
on sabayon BZ or #sabayon-dev @ FreeNode.

Alternativelly, it is possible to just make completion with manually 
predefined arguments list (like I did for emerge in gentoo's zsh-completion 
package) and call equo only when it is really needed (packages completion and 
so on).

Anyway, it needs a bit more work, than just fix tr :)

Best regards,

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