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Re: no tab completion with equo


"Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov" <mva@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> (sorry, previous try was sent to you personally, but not to the list)
> (it's strange, that client hassuch reaction on your letters to the list).
> (anyway, resentit to the list)

No problem ;-)

[ ... ]

> Also, as far as I looked in the equo and Entropy  code, --bashcomp should not 
> have it's current behaviour of returning first-level arguments all the time, 
> but should return proper arguments for each level. Unfortunately, it is 
> broken, and probably, you (and me, lol) should poke Fabio (lxnay) about that 
> on sabayon BZ or #sabayon-dev @ FreeNode.
> Alternativelly, it is possible to just make completion with manually 
> predefined arguments list (like I did for emerge in gentoo's zsh-completion 
> package) and call equo only when it is really needed (packages completion and 
> so on).
> Anyway, it needs a bit more work, than just fix tr :)

As I wrote in the other mail (reply to Barts Posting): I am not familiar
with shell coding. I will wait, until you have the time to fix the
error(s) in the _equo file.

Best Regards, Clemens Schüller

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