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Re: ZSH history not saved anymore

Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi Peter,

>> I've just started using enlightenment 19 coming from Gnome.  Now my
>> terminal emulator is terminology instead of gnome-terminal.
>> Today, I've noticed that since then my ZSH history file doesn't get
>> updated anymore.  That is, when terminating the terminal emulator, it
>> seems that ZSH has no chance to save the histfile anymore.  As a
>> workaround I can just quit ZSH before terminating terminology using
>> the "exit" command.
> The terminal should send SIGHUP to the shell and give it a chance to
> handle it.
> If you do
>   print "Exiting on signal" >~/zsh_exited
>   exit
> }
> do you see the message being written to the file ~/zsh_exited?

Nope, there's no such file after terminating the terminal emulator, so a
missing SIGHUP is probably the problem.  Sending it to the ZSH process
using kill -SIGHUP works.  Thanks for your help in clearing that up.


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