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freezing bug in 5.0.6?

Hi there!
I'm using SHARE_HISTORY option.

After recent upgrade to 5.0.6 (means, all was okay before it) few days ago, 
I've got a strange bug: sometimes new sessions freezes on zsh start.

When I start debugging and run
> strace -eopen,stat,access -ff zsh

I found that it freezes on 
> open("/home/mva/.zhistory", O_RDWR|O_NOCTTY|O_LARGEFILE) = 3

(which is prety plain file on the local fs, not a symlink and so on).
Further debugging revealed that fact, that it is same behaviour on all of my 
mchines (>40), which makes me think it is 100% zsh's issue.

Also, I debugged that if I press ^C and ^Z (send sigint and sigstp 
respectivey) many times (~36-40) — then zsh throw:
>  zsh: locking failed for /home/mva/.zhistory: interrupt
and loads just fine.

Removing .zhistory before running zsh helps just once (until zsh I run created 
it again).

So, I just wondered if it is fixed in 5.0.7 trial and if it is a way to 
disable zhistory locking (since it anyway interfers with access rights in 
another condition, unrelated to this issue)

Best regards,

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