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Re: first adventures

On 11/01/2014 02:11 PM, Peter Stephenson wrote:

Perhapse the real point is what you're looking at is an unusual case in
that you've been passed a piece of raw shell input and you're thinking
about what it would look like if it wasn't raw any more.  This is hairy
stuff that most people who consider themselves shell language gurus
probably never have to think about --- extracting bits of semi-parsed
chunks of input is something most people would do in a language like
Lisp rather than a shell.  So it's not surprising you're a bit
bamboozled when you're coming to this out of nowhere.
Bamboozled ain't the half of it. But it's ok, what Bart showed me is quite satisfactory. I should spend less time speculating. But I wonder if anyone in the next generation of zsh users is going to be able to explain, or even understand half of this stuff. Sheesh, I thought that as a newbie, a good place to start looking at the code was where we
first swallow a command line.  But that was a long long time ago ;-)

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