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Re: utf-8

On Dec 18,  6:27pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Subject: Re: utf-8
} On 12/18/2014 06:04 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > This has gone way off topic for the zsh-users list.  I don't recall if
} > the ietf-charsets list is still active, but that might be a better place
} > to go looking if it is.
} >
} Bart,
} Of topic? I'm wondering how one enters the newline character in zsh when 
} one is using a different locale/alphabet.

Did you read the entirety of my last message or did you stop after the
first two sentences?  There's more below the part of your message that
I quoted.

Anyway yes, it's off topic because how you enter a character is part of
the language processing layer, which generally happens before zsh receives
the input from the terminal.  There are some hacks to let zsh compensate
for a system that doesn't have a functioning language layer, but details
of language-to-character-set mapping are not a topic for this list unless
you are asking about the scripting for such a hack.

} and I'd expect that in, say, Cyrillic there would be some char that's a 
} dead ringer for 'n' (as in '\n'), but in *principal* a Cyrillic 'n' 
} might not be the same utf-8 code as 'our' 'n'

Re-read the last paragraph of my previous message, please.  In UTF-8 the
code points are based on the visual representation of the character; in
multi-byte Unicode there are multiple similar characters based on the
source language and semantics, but the ASCII subset is always the same
code points as is ASCII, including "control characters" like newline.

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