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Re: print color escapes

On 01/01/2015 06:58 PM, Kurtis Rader wrote:
On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 6:39 PM, Ray Andrews <rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

The "hardware terminal" you refer to was itself a computer that executed code. The only difference between it and the "terminal emulator" you're likely using today is that the former was embedded in a piece of hardware with a very narrow function

Exactly what I was saying.

The whole point of the ANSI X3.64 standard (as partially implemented by the DEC VT100) was to implement a vi style of insert versus control mode. The CSI sequence (ESC [) switched the terminal from "insert" to "control" mode. And once the control command (e.g., clear screen) was recognized and acted upon the input mode reverted to "insert".

Yeah, ESC is rather obviously a 'control' mode. What I was thinking is that it would end only at the same ESC code again--a toggle--which would/might make the control codes themselves a bit shorter and sweeter. Or not. Maybe it really is easier to have the codes self terminate. Anyway, that's never going to change of course, but interesting to think about.

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