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Re: Out of the box

On 01/02/2015 10:31 AM, Frank Terbeck wrote:
Lloyd wrote:

It got me wondering if there are any Unix or Linux distributions that
exceed expectations with zsh configured out of the box?

If you find one, please let me know, I'll send them a donation and a box of chocolates.

About 15 years ago, when I got my first Linux distro actually working (Slackware), there I am at my first prompt (bash of course). So I try to use it, and find it's so primitive that DOS/command.com is luxurious by comparison. Even DOS gives you command recall by default. After a few hours of retyping commands over and over again, I gave up in disgust and went back to DOS/Windows for 10 more years :-(

Personally, I think that vendors should not screw too much with the
default setup of a program system-wide; not even mentioning the large
blobs of configuration that newbie's don't have a chance to debug in
case something fails.

That's being said, I'm one of the guys who help with the zsh confi-
guration of the grml Linux live distribution, that you can find at:


And what a fine thing the zsh configurator is, it at least gets you off the ground.
It's a massive setup and I think for the use of a live installation,
that's fine. I still stand firm of the issue of handing large setups to
absolute beginners, for the reason I gave above.

But couldn't we at least have history recall by default? It is very nice that if no .zshrc is found the configurator starts by default, by why not offer an option in the main menu:

(z) Configure zsh with some basic, safe settings that almost everyone wants. If you're unsure what to to, just try this. Remember, you can always run " (some easy way of rerunning zsh-newuser-install)" again to change these settings, so don't worry, you aren't going to break anything.

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