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Some questions (menu completion and two-line prompts)


I've finally given ZSH a try and like it so far, but I've noticed a
few things where I wonder if it's possible to change some config
options to improve them.

- I'm using AUTO_MENU so I first get a list of completion candidates
  and then menu selection by pressing tab once again. That's fine, but
  in cases where the candidate list is very long (i.e. doesn't fit on
  the screen), I'd rather get menu selection mode immediately instead
  of having the spam (even with a list-prompt message set it's not
  very helpful information, especially if I'm likely to use
  menu-select afterwards to select something) first.

- I'm using the adam2 prompt style. When resizing my terminal window
  (making it smaller), the pretty horizontal line in the first line of
  the prompt is not redrawn, keeping the old width. When making the
  terminal window larger this is just a minimal annoyance, but when
  making it smaller, this actually deletes the line right before the
  prompt. That feels like a bug to me...


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author