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Re: ANSI bg colour outside of prompt area

On 2015-02-23 03:10:17 +0300, ZyX wrote:
> I have tested `echo $'\e[41m' ; {command}` with the following
> colored commands and here is what I have:
> eix       | First line has red background after the text, to the very end.
> hg diff   | Same.
> git diff  | First line has text with red background, red ends as text ends.
> grep      | First file name has red background (multifile search) and nothing 
>           | after it. Single file match has highlight up until the first match
>           | ends (match is highlighted).
> ag        | Again red background ends when the first highlighted string ends.
> powerline | Red background appears on the first line and disappears completely
>           | when powerline outputs something.

Similar with GNU ls: echo $'\e[41m'; ls --color

The red background stops as soon as ls needs to use the normal color.

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