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Re: 'run ahead' execution of script

On 02/24/2015 11:44 AM, Andrew Janke wrote:
Yeah; the geany command's normal behavior isn't really suitable for a CLI-driven editing session like this. You probably do want `geany -i`.

Sure, it's quite satisfactory, I'm just interested in seeing if there is a way for
zsh to handle it.  I think I understand the issue, but zsh can do some
impressive things, and maybe it can even test that the open file has been
saved, tho in a separate window/process.

  e ) edit $1; echo "Sourcing $1"; source $1; return 0 ;;

... maybe something can be put in there that says: 'proceed no further
until ...'.  I'm thinking that maybe the fact that zsh calls geany, tho
in another window, might give it some sort of 'handle' on it--seems
intuitive that it would, because otherwise if geany made some trouble--
crashed or something--zsh would be ... well, what would it be? Dunno,
but it's interesting.  Or maybe the protocol is that the two separate
shells have no crosstalk ... but that can't be true, because if you invoke
geany from any shell, it pops you over to whatever shell geany is
currently running in--so there is some communication.  Geany 'here'
knows that geany 'there' is already running.  But maybe zsh keeps its
nose out of that completely.  Geany is the only program I can think of
that does that sort of thing, which is a good reason why zsh might
not want anything to do with it.

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