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Re: 'run ahead' execution of script

On Feb 24,  1:41pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} I'm thinking that maybe the fact that zsh calls geany, tho
} in another window, might give it some sort of 'handle' on it

Zsh doesn't call geany in the other window.  Zsh calls geany in the same
window where zsh is, and then that geany calls the other geany using a
private protocol and hands off the file.  Zsh doesn't know about any of
this, all it can tell is that the local geany started and then stopped.

} Geany is the only program I can think of
} that does that sort of thing, which is a good reason why zsh might
} not want anything to do with it.

Lots of GUI programs do this, e.g., many web browsers can be started from
the command line with an option to hand off the URL to any existing open
browser window.  That sort of thing is usually the command that is hiding
behind the launcher icons on your desktop.  gvim has this option too, I

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