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pointers and associative maps

dear Zsh people,

I'm an old-time (ab)user of ZSh (started using it back 15yrs ago on
NetBSD), but this is the first time I interact with your lists since
actually I never needed to, your documentation is too good :^).
However, long due contact. Big up for ZSh release v5 BTW.

I'm puzzled by a problem I encounter using pointers and associative
maps. I want to use a variable as pointer for an associative map, then
iterate through the map to get all its values, for saving it to a file
and implement a simple load/save key/value store.

The problem arises when I want to iterate through values, because using
a pointer modifier (P) and key/value modifiers (k)|(v) I get out only
the first char of the map field, not the whole string. I guess this is
related to the scoping of modifiers? here is how I do it:

# _map is the variable holding the name of the associative map

for c in {1..$_num}; do
    sysread -o 1 <<EOF >> $_path
$_map+=("${${(Pk)_map}[$c]}" "${${(Pv)_map}[$c]}")

presuming that ${${(Pk)_map}[$c]} and ${${(Pv)_map}[$c]} should give in result
the full string, but instead they return the first char of the string, as if
the map index does not apply to the map but to the string object, so to say.

Am I missing something here? Does anyone has clues?

many thanks!


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