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Re: pointers and associative maps


On Fri, 27 Feb 2015, Jaromil wrote:

> The problem arises when I want to iterate through values, because using
> a pointer modifier (P) and key/value modifiers (k)|(v) I get out only
> the first char of the map field, not the whole string. I guess this is
> related to the scoping of modifiers? here is how I do it:
> # _map is the variable holding the name of the associative map
> _num="${(P)#_map}"
> for c in {1..$_num}; do
>     sysread -o 1 <<EOF >> $_path
> $_map+=("${${(Pk)_map}[$c]}" "${${(Pv)_map}[$c]}")
> presuming that ${${(Pk)_map}[$c]} and ${${(Pv)_map}[$c]} should give in result
> the full string, but instead they return the first char of the string, as if
> the map index does not apply to the map but to the string object, so to say.

solved! using ${(Pv)${_map}[$c]}

and sorry for the noise. I was confused by the fact that the code above
in a function was not giving the same result as: print ${${(Pv)_map}[$c]}
This might be something to look into, basically the automatic scoping

however the formula above is the right solution, I guess it has a more
explicit scoping of modifiers.

again thanks for ZSh, its an awesome portable tool.  I'll do my best to
contribute to it in some future, perhaps some extensions based on
libraries I've written.


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