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Re: pointers and associative maps

third reply to myself, now I'm embarassed. however:

> solved! using ${(Pv)${_map}[$c]}

this solves it only for values in the associative map, not for keys.

So my problem persists and I wonder if there are solutions to this:
use a pointer to an associative map to get out keys from it.

Here a small function to help reproduce the situation

typeset -A mappa
zkv-test() {
    mappa+=(key1 value1)
    mappa+=(key2 value2)
    mappa+=(key3 value3)

    for c in {1..$_num}; do
        print "$c/$_num: ${(Pk)${_map}[$c]} ${(Pv)${_map}[$c]}"

once launched, it prints:

1/3: 1 value1
2/3: 2 value2
3/3: 3 value3

where I believe it should be:

1/3: key1 value1
2/3: key2 value2
3/3: key3 value3

puzzling enough, after running the function one can do:

print ${${(Pk)_map}[$c]}

from the interactive console, moving the (Pk) modifier inside the inner
brackets, and then the key3 will be printed (or any, according to $c index)

please note that having the (Pk) modifier in the inner brackets when run inside
the function does not work at all, rather indexes single chars in the key/value
retrieved (as mentioned in my first post)

Am I missing something?

thanks for your patience about my cascade posting


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