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fndir introspection, site-packages documentation


is there a way to get at the value "fndir" ended up having in configure?
this would be useful in function packaging. i know
/usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions is always used (had to dig, it's not
documented!) but that is not going to please Linux distros, which
generally use --prefix=/usr.  i would like to be able to do something

  sitefndir=$(zsh -c 'print "$ZSHSITEFNDIR"')

a simple Makefile should be able to do the right thing on any operating
system or exotic configuration without user intervention (in this case).


there's a *single* occurrence of "site-functions" in zshall(1), a passing
reference coming from the zsh/newuser description in zshmodules(1) of all

       If none of the start-up files were found, the module then looks
       for the file newuser first in a sitewide directory, usually the
       parent  directory  of the site-functions directory, and if that
       is not found the module searches [...]

the configure-time fndir should be mentioned in the $fpath/$FPATH
description in zshparam(1), and this bullet from NEWS absolutely needs
to be there as well:

- The default $fpath/$FPATH is now designed always to include
  /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions.  This directory does not need to
  exist.  Sites that set an explicit site directory can put that in
  /etc/zshenv as before.  The intention of the new path element is to
  increase the likelihood that locally added functions can be found with
  the shell running "out of the box", no matter how the shell was


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author