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Re: fndir introspection, site-packages documentation

On Mar 13, 11:41pm, Roman Neuhauser wrote:
} is there a way to get at the value "fndir" ended up having in configure?

Sort of.  The trouble is that if --enable-function-subdirs has been used
for configure, there isn't really a useful scalar value of fndir, you
have to have the whole $fpath array.

If you ignore that complication, you can do

    sitefndir=$(zsh -fc 'case $#fpath in \
	(1) print $fpath;; (2) print $fpath[2];;
	(*) print $fpath[2]:h;; esac')

} apropos!
} there's a *single* occurrence of "site-functions" in zshall(1)

Yes, see complications above ... it's nearly impossible to know what to
refer to in the doc when you allow the packager to relocate things to
anywhere (or a whole list of anywheres) that he wants.

An end user isn't supposed to need to know about site-functions (even the
mention under zsh/newuser is more for the administrator installing the
newuser function than for the user invoking it).  The user just needs
to refer to what shows up in the default $fpath, and know that he can add
his own directories to it.

I suppose ideally we'd have a separate doc section for adminstrative

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