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Re: show-ambiguity style

On Apr 12,  2:40pm, Yuri D'Elia wrote:
} Subject: Re: show-ambiguity style
} On 04/11/2015 10:02 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > Completion gets screwed up if show-ambiguity is not an ANSI term color
} I mentioned it in the page (and now that I look again, you actually
} responded to my first implementation ;)).

I'm not sure what this means ... the 20141010-zsh_show_ambiguity page has
not changed since I first looked at it.  Oh, you mean that I responded
on the users/18440 thread.  In any case there's nothing in either your
page or the docs to indicate that bad syntax in list-colors will garble
the completion display.

} The way the match is constructed (a nested glob expression - a great
} idea of Oliver Kiddle) is the neatest and weakest part IMHO. It makes
} the highlight work even with complete_in_word, but surely is not as
} efficient as post-processing the result *after* list coloring.

I don't know that it makes any difference to efficiency, but to have
the ambiguity disply overlaid on top of the other coloring would require
changes to the complist internals.

The main thing this is telling me is that we need more examples of how
to set list-colors.

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