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Re: Vimode problem (key press dropping)

Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> Well, what almost always happens is we eat the ^[[1 part and insert
> the ~ literally, which is confusing. If we literally inserted the
> whole ^[[1~ string, it would be more obvious for a user what they had
> to put in their keybind commands. "You can run cat and press the key
> to see what it sends" "oh, okay".

With a default setup, that tends to happen because at some point the
sequence read so far is no longer recognised as a prefix. Once you've
bound a few keys, that's less likely.

We could alleviate this issue by binding a few more keys by default at
startup. Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up/Dn and the function keys
all have termcap entries. Is there really a good reason not to bind at
least the first four of these. What was the historical reason for not
doing so? Also, anyone know why the sequences for the cursors need to be
passed through tputs()?

overwrite-mode for insert and delete-char for delete is probably not
controversial. For home and end, it'd either be beginning-of-line and
end-of-line or the -buffer-or-history versions. Others don't have an
obvious binding.

I also wonder whether we should consider trying to do something for
Ctrl/Alt Left and Right to make it easier for new users.


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